Using cutting edge slow-motion camera and force plates to identify and treat a range of complex issues in the lower limbs


Biomechanics & gait analysis is the study of the body’s function and movement and its effect on the lower limbs. Pain in the back, hip, knees, feet and ankles can all be caused by changes in the musculoskeletal mechanics and dysfunctional movement of your body.

Clinical observation, pressure plate analysis, balance and coordination tests, strength and range of motion and video analysis is used by our specialist physiotherapists to assess your gait and general body movement. 

We can solve incorrect gait and faulty movement with the use of bespoke PHITS (FDA approved) orthotics placed into your footwear to help redistribute pressure away from the joints and tissues under stress. The orthotics are custom 3D printed for comfort, work, boots, running, golf and cycling. 

What conditions can biomechanics, Gait
Analysis & Orthotics help?

Response physiotherapists can play a vital role in helping you improve your gait, injury rehabilitation and improving sporting performance. We will design a personalised program to treat your specific conditions. Common conditions we treat include joint pain, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis or other tendons, knee pain including ITB syndrome, OA and patellar tendonitis and mechanical low back pain, greater trochanteric hip syndrome.

Ankle and Foot Pain

Back Pain

Hip & Groin Pain

Knee Pain

Why choose Response Physio & Sports Therapy
for Biomechanics, Gait analysis and Orthotics?

We are one of the UK’s leading providers of musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy in the leisure, NHS, and corporate wellbeing markets.

Response Physio & Sports Therapy delivers high-quality physiotherapy to patients across the UK. With a network of clinics, located inside David Lloyd health Clubs and a friendly team of qualified physiotherapists, we can offer a choice of clinics near you.

We offer flexible opening hours to suit busy lifestyles including early and late appointments, Saturday clinics, and remote clinics. There are no waiting lists and appointments are often available within 24 hours. We accept NHS referrals, self-pay, and all major private health insurers.

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