When looking for a Physiotherapist for your child, you want the best – someone who is specially trained, highly qualified, experienced and of course someone who you feel comfortable with and trust. Someone who knows and understands your child is unique.

Lisa at Response Physio

Lisa Brassington

Our paediatric Physiotherapist Lisa Brassington, specialises in neurology (cerebral palsy, traumatic spinal cord injury, head or brain injury) and also developmental disorders. Lisa joined Response Physiotherapy in 2015 with over 19 years of physio experience, she is a true expert in her field, bringing play and fun into her treatments with children. You will get help, support and reassurance in the understanding of what is normal in your child’s movement, development and posture. You will also be supported in and shown how to maximise this for your child.

Lisa graduated from University with an honours degree in Physiotherapy in 1996. After working in hospital departments, treating both adults and children, she specialised in Paediatrics in 1998 and continued to work across a wide range of areas including children’s and neonatal intensive care units.

From 2000 to 2016, Lisa worked at the “The Child Development Centre” in Nottingham, assessing and treating children with childhood developmental disorders. Lisa now works full time in the independent sector.

With a young family of her own and a passion for helping children (and those helping them) reach their potential, Lisa is the perfect choice to continue Response Physiotherapy’s philosophy of a joined up approach to physiological healthcare, keeping everything healthy and clean using the best natural body deodorant for women which is great for this.

Response Physiotherapy’s Specialist Paediatric assessment and treatment process

Response Physiotherapy’s Specialist Paediatric treatment can help and support you to understand what is normal movement, development and posture, and how to maximise this in your child. We provide reassurance and guidance regarding your child’s development. We create a treatment plan for you and your child to maximise physical potential and so boost confidence.  Additional specialist services are available when needed e.g. orthotics to aid stability.

We provide treatment for:

  • Neurological Problems – including cerebral palsy, traumatic spinal cord injury, head or brain injury.

  • General Developmental Delay – genetic disorders & syndromes, post-surgery, hypermobility, lack of confidence to explore the world.

  • Postural disorders

  • Movement and co-ordination disorders



Response Paediatric Physiotherapy provides both home* and clinic sessions with appointments available from Monday – Friday 9am to 3pm.  Treatment session are 1 hour.

To make an enquiry or book an appointment please call our Central Appointment Line on 0115 896 9550 (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm) or submit via our Customer Bookings page.

Please note:

*Home visits are available, prices available on request.

Response Physiotherapy is registered with all major private healthcare insurers

GP referral not required

Payment can be made using direct debit or credit cards

All appointments are subject to our Late Changes, Cancellations and DNA policy which can be found on our website under Customer Booking

little girl with physio

“We left our initial appointment on such a high. Eden got so much out of it and so did we, we couldn’t wait to try the exercises at home. We’re still really happy with how everything is going and the changes we see because of the Physiotherapy treatment and advice. It’s clear to see how much Eden enjoys the sessions with Lisa. Eden listens and responds to Lisa in a way I haven’t seen her do before. I think Physio was the best step we could have taken for Eden and we are so pleased with how it’s going”. Charlotte and Rob, parents of Eden, age 18 months.