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Sports Massage

Sports Massage

A Response sports massage is based on sound sports massage principles.  From Worlds Strongest Men to Olympic Swimmers; Professional footballers to professional rugby players; figure skaters to triathletes; Amateur and professional – we’ve massaged them all!

We consider what sports you are doing and where the stresses and strains are. We also think about how your body might react bringing in other areas to help you and therefore other compensatory stresses that take place.  Once that analysis has taken place together we work out what messages your body is giving as to which areas we need to work.

We then make sure the sports massage is to the correct depth to have the desired effect. The depth is always dictated by the sticking of the tissues and so some areas require more depth of massage than others. There is also an aspect of what you want and so make sure you tell the sports masseur whether you prefer it to be ultra deep or as required by the tissues.

treating the patient not just the pain

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