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At Response Physiotherapy we want you to experience our way of working. We will listen to the problem you come to us with, as we know that no matter how small the problem is perceived to be, if it is getting in the way of your ‘life’ it is a problem.

We will then work to understand the problem from your point of view and then work with you to interpret why it has happened and where it may be coming from. Our assessment then reviews any structural damage followed by an assessment of how the mechanics are working.  We together have got two separate jobs at that point. Our job is to loosen soft tissue, mobilise joints and alter the stress’ from acting in a negative way. Your job is to do the exercises to maintain improvements made.  When you understand the problem, when you know what the plan is, when you know what to expect then we here at Response know that this is when the motivation exists to get to the end point.

Sports Massage

A Response sports massage is based on sound sports massage principles.  From Worlds Strongest Men to Olympic Swimmers; Professional footballers to professional rugby players; figure skaters to triathletes; Amateur and professional – we’ve massaged them all!

We consider what sports you are doing and where the stresses and strains are. We also think about how your body might react bringing in other areas to help you and therefore other compensatory stresses that take place.  Once that analysis has taken place together we work out what messages your body is giving as to which areas we need to work.

We then make sure the sports massage is to the correct depth to have the desired effect. The depth is always dictated by the sticking of the tissues and so some areas require more depth of massage than others. There is also an aspect of what you want and so make sure you tell the sports masseur whether you prefer it to be ultra deep or as required by the tissues.

treating the patient not just the pain


Understanding how we use acupuncture is important in deciding whether it is a treatment for you. We may use acupuncture as part of the plan with in Physiotherapy, as we get structures that are stiff and tight to loosen.  It may be necessary to use Acupuncture as the sole treatment of choice in circumstances when the problem is very sensitive and other manual work would be too painful.

At Response Physiotherapy we can use the theory behind Chinese acupuncture using energy meridians or we may use recent western based theories and evidence to achieve the desired result.

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Insoles / Orthotics

Our aim at Response Physiotherapy is to be a top to toe service and with our Pressure Plate we can do just that. When we look at the use of insoles we are trying to do a number of things: certain conditions come from the inability to cope with shock. The insoles allow the pressures to reduce a small amount.

The foot should behave as a continuous unit both on its own and with the legs, hips and low back. The insoles allow us to control both of these options to make the altered movement patterns return to normal. When we have assessed the mechanics of your body and it looks like we need insoles, we will always put a temporary pair in for a period of time to assess the effects.


It is no accident that we have worked hard to place ourselves in centres with great facilities. At most of our clinics you find all of the necessary equipment to complete a course of Rehabilitation. Not only the equipment required but also expertise from our well trained and experienced physiotherapists. You will get the time and the encouragement of a great rehabilitation plan and all the necessary motivation to help you work through to full recovery.

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