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What We Do

Welcome to Response Physiotherapy.  Our philosophy of treatment is to get to the cause of the problem, which starts with how the problem first occurred.  We don’t concentrate solely on symptom relief but by understanding the body we are able to ease the symptoms AND help the body return to a balanced, active state.

From techniques used on athletes, combined with the principles and ideas used in chronic problems, we look at your issues from a structural perspective. When this is clear we look at the function and mechanics of the body ensuring we get to the solution.

We get to the root of the problem and undo the compensatory behaviours of the body. We ease the immediate symptoms and strengthen muscles to maintain body position. We do this whilst helping you understand all the way along the recovery path. We don’t just focus on your pain or problem, we pride ourselves on ‘Joined up thinking’ as we treat you from top to toe.

For your body to fully recover it is important to fully understand the problem and grasp the plan for recovery. It is our sole aim to return you to a busy, active lifestyle.

Our Aims

To get to the root of the problem

Ease the immediate symptoms

Reverse the cause

Undo the compensatory behaviours

Strengthen the muscles to function well

Help you to understand along the recovery path

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